5 Easy Ways to play Sonos YouTube Music in 2024

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Hey there, in this article, I want to share with you the different ways you can play YouTube on your Sonos system. As a Sonos enthusiast myself, I’ve tried out various methods and found five ways that work well. Whether you want to listen to sonos youtube music or watch videos, I’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaways

  • There are five main ways to play YouTube on your Sonos system.

  • The YouTube Music app is a great option for musical content with a Premium subscription

  • Other methods include connecting your smartphone or computer, using Bluetooth, playing on your TV with a Google Chromecast, and using Airplay with an iPhone or iPad

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5 Ways to Play Sonos Youtube Music

Sonos Youtube Music
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1. Playing Sonos Youtube Music Through YouTube Music App

This method only applies to musical content that is available on YouTube and requires a YouTube Premium subscription. To use this method, go to the Sonos application on your phone, click on the setting gear in the lower right corner, then go to services and voices, and finally add the YouTube Music service. Follow the instructions to connect your YouTube account. Once you have done this, you will have access to all YouTube musical content as well as your playlists. This method works for video clips or big mixes of music that sometimes last for one or two hours.

2. Connecting Smartphone or Computer to Sonos Device

This method is suitable for those who have Sonos 5, Connect, or Amp as they have analog inputs. To connect your device, simply plug it into the analog input of your Sonos device. Once connected, all Sonos speakers in your house can play the same content simultaneously.

3. Playing YouTube on Sonos Using Bluetooth

Another method to play YouTube on Sonos devices is via Bluetooth connection, but this method is only possible with the Sonos Move, as it is the only one with a Bluetooth input. Unlike the analogue input, you cannot share the Bluetooth connection with other Sonos devices, so playback is only possible on the Sonos Move.

4. Playing YouTube on Sonos Via TV

The fourth method is to play YouTube on your TV. If you don’t have a way to play YouTube on your TV, you can use a Google Chromecast. Once it is playing on your TV, you can send the sound from your TV to any Sonos soundbar.

5. Using Airplay to Play YouTube on Sonos

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can easily play any sound from your device, including YouTube, on your Sonos system using Airplay. To do this, simply open any music application on your device and look for the Airplay icon. Click on it and select the Sonos speaker you want to play the sound on. On a Mac, go to the top right corner of your screen and click on the speaker. You’ll have a drop-down menu, and you’ll be able to select any Sonos speaker in your house as an audio output.


Is YouTube Music better than Spotify?

There is no clear answer to whether YouTube Music is better than Spotify. Both services offer free access to their entire song libraries, a variety of paid subscription models, and additional features such as offline listening and removing ads. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference and which service better fits one’s music needs.

Why does Sonos cut off songs?

Sonos may cut off songs due to WiFi interference, Bluetooth connectivity issues, or audio playback problems. Troubleshooting steps include checking the distance between devices, ensuring proper cable connections, and adjusting settings like Auto-lockscreen.

Is YouTube Music worth it 2024?

Whether YouTube Music is worth it in 2023 depends on individual preferences and needs. The platform offers a free version with ads and a premium version with additional features like offline listening and ad-free playback. It competes with other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

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