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pool house plans

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Understanding Pool House Plans

When I consider incorporating a pool house into my backyard oasis, I think about its multi-functional nature. It’s not just a building near the water; it’s a versatile addition that enriches the poolside experience for me, my family, and friends.

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Entertainment and Leisure

pool house plans
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For me, a pool house is the perfect spot to host get-togethers or enjoy a quiet afternoon. Key Features that elevate the entertainment value might include:

  • Built-in bars or kitchenettes: Ideal for serving refreshments without the need to drip water through my main house.
  • Comfortable seating areas: These provide a cozy space for guests to relax and socialize out of the sun.

Guest Accommodations

When overnight guests arrive, I like to offer them their own private retreat. Here’s what I find to be essential in this aspect:

  • Private sleeping quarters: A welcoming space with a bed and perhaps a small living area for added comfort.
  • A full bathroom: Ensures convenience and privacy for guests, making them feel at home.

Storage and Functionality

Functionality is crucial to ensure my pool area remains clutter-free and organized. I consider these elements indispensable:

  • Space for pool supplies: A place to neatly store chemicals, cleaning equipment, and pool toys.
  • Changing areas: Offering a spot for guests to switch between swimwear and casual clothing without entering the main residence.

By focusing on these specific applications, I can tailor a pool house plan that precisely meets my personal needs and enhances the overall joy of my outdoor space.

Pool House Features

pool house plans
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Pool house plans enhance the luxury and comfort of your outdoor space by providing practical amenities and beautiful design elements tailored for relaxation and entertainment.

Kitchen and Bar Area

pool house plans
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My pool house plan includes a kitchenette that’s perfect for whipping up quick snacks or drinks without having to dash back to the main house. They often feature amenities like refrigerators, sinks, and cabinets for storage, making them ideal for hosting poolside gatherings. I can install a bar area with stools, creating a social hub for guests to enjoy their cocktails while I prepare the hors d’oeuvres.

Bathroom and Changing Facilities

One of the best things about my pool house is the inclusion of a full or half bathroom. This means that my guests and I can change in privacy and use the restroom without dripping water through the house. A well-designed pool house bathroom can provide all the comforts of the main house, complete with a toilet, sink, and sometimes even a shower.

Indoor and Outdoor Showers

pool house plans
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To rinse off chlorine or just to cool down, my pool house plan can come with both indoor and outdoor showers. An outdoor shower lets us rinse off under the sun, while an indoor shower offers a private space to clean up, which is especially convenient when the weather doesn’t cooperate or if I need a quick change from swim to social attire.

Interior Decoration

pool house plans
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When I approach pool house interior decoration, my focus is on creating a functional and inviting space. Here’s how I select furniture, lighting, and color themes to complement the poolside ambiance.

Furniture and Appliances

pool house plans pool furniture
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I prefer indoor-outdoor seating arrangements, as these are versatile and can tolerate the damp environment near a pool. For example, a bar setup with sturdy stools provides a socializing spot, and I ensure to have built-in shelves for refreshments. Appliances like stainless steel cabinets and a spacious island turn the area into a perfect place for post-swim snacks or cocktails.

Lighting and Ambience

pool house plans pool lights
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Effective lighting is key to setting the mood. I typically install wall-mounted pool lights for evening swims and add soft overhead lights within the pool house for a relaxed atmosphere. It’s essential to have both functional lighting and options that create ambience, such as dimmable LED lights.

Color Schemes and Themes

pool house plans colour palette
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My color choices are dictated by the desire to blend with the outdoor environment. Light colors like whites and pastels help keep the area feeling cool. However, for a vibrant touch, I might add accent colors through cushions or art. Themes can range from natural stone flooring to traditional wooden furniture, depending on whether I want a modern touch or a cozy cottage feel.

Maintenance and Upkeep

pool house plans pool Maintenance
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When I create a maintenance and upkeep plan for my pool house, I focus on precision and practicality. I prioritize tasks to ensure that my pool house remains in excellent condition year-round, tackling seasonal shifts, establishing cleaning routines, and keeping an eye on when it’s time to repair or renovate.

Seasonal Preparations


  • Inspect: I check for any winter damage, especially to the roof and gutters.
  • Clean: I power wash exterior surfaces and clean the windows.


  • Ventilation: I ensure all fans and air conditioning units are working to prevent mold.
  • Sun Protection: I apply a UV-protective film to windows to prevent fading furniture.


  • Weatherproofing: I seal windows and doors to prevent drafts.
  • Debris Clearing: I clean out gutters and check drainage to prevent water buildup.


  • Heating Systems: I check the heating system and insulate pipes to prevent freezing.
  • Coverings: I put on pool coverings and winterize outdoor plumbing.

Regular Cleaning Routines


  • Tidy Up: I quickly tidy up, making sure no wet towels or swimwear is left out.
  • Surface Cleaning: I wipe down surfaces to avoid water spots and buildup.


  • Deep Clean: I thoroughly clean bathrooms and kitchenettes, mop floors, and vacuum any rugs.
  • Pool Check: I test the water chemistry and clean the pool of debris.


  • Inspection: I inspect for pests, signs of wear, or any small damages.
  • Appliance Maintenance: I check and clean major appliances like refrigerators or heaters.

Repair and Renovation Considerations

When to Repair:

  • Immediate Issues: Any leaks, electrical issues, or structural damage I address immediately to prevent further problems.
  • Wear and Tear: High-traffic areas like pool decks and flooring require regular checks for necessary repairs.

When to Renovate:

  • Outdated Features: If appliances or fixtures are outdated and affecting performance, I consider updating them.
  • Lifestyle Changes: If my needs evolve, such as requiring more space or different amenities, I plan a renovation.

Floor Plan Inspirations

pool house plans
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pool house plans
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pool house plans
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pool house plans
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pool house plans
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pool house plans
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If you prefer to get inspiration from a video, I recommend this one:

What should I put in my pool house?

In your pool house, include comfortable seating, a changing area, storage for pool supplies, a restroom, possibly a small kitchen or bar area, and entertainment options like a TV or sound system.

What is a good size for a pool house?

A good size for a pool house is around 9 feet by 13 feet on average, but this can vary based on available space and individual needs.

What type flooring is best for pool house?

For a pool house, the best flooring options are vinyl, rubber, ceramic & stone tiles, outdoor carpeting, and concrete, due to their durability and water resistance.

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